About Sumit Deshmukh

Independent Creative Photographer and Video Producer

Hi, i am a Sumit Deshmukh, Amaravti is my birthplace, my childhood fourished in Amravati.

Well ! Talking about photography , it is my life , it defines me, I am a lover of uniqueness and photography gave me the vision to see every ordinary thing in unique and marvel way , its just that a writer follows love through his pen, I follow love by capturing the best moments of people life, wedding photography is my spciality.

I was 14 years of old when discovered that camera and me our best of buddies, Since then I made my passion my profession, I am also a MBA Graduate A small raindrop can refresh a dusty flower into a beautiful one.

Same is with me ...
Photography has refreshed my life, and given me reason .
Thats all what i am ...
A phase of adventure changed me that is my beloved photography

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